Carhartt B0000400 Men's Rugged Patina Leather Wallets, Available in Multiple Styles and Colors


SKU: CAR-WALLET-B0000400-001-99

Details: Carhartt Patina Leather Bifold Wallet Carhartt - Cartera plegable de piel pátina Carhartt 파티나 가죽 반지갑


  • Carhartt Water-Repellent Zipper Wallet
  • The job keeps you on the move all day, through all types of conditions. When stormy days hit, this super water-resistant zippered billfold wallet keeps cash and cards secure as you get in and out of the truck or move around the jobsite
  • It resists sweat and moisture and has four slots to make it easy to grab the right card
  • Constructed from non-permeable TPU construction. Wallet features YKK(C) Aquaguard water-repellent zipper, billfold pocket, four laser-cut pockets