Carhatt A731 Mens Stoker Glove



Details: The Carhartt Stoker Glove A731 has got everything you need to staty warm this year. Hands go through a lot in one day, especially in a tough work environment. Carhartt gloves don't care how hard your job is- they do theirs so you can outwork them all. Carhartt strong durable gloves will keep your hands safe and dry all day long. Men's windproof gloves that keep your hands warm, dry, and comfortable. These men's warm gloves are made with active outdoor work in mind. They have our Storm Defender waterproof, breathable technology that stops water from getting in but lets sweat get out designed to keep your hands dry, FastDry technology lining wicks away sweat. Polytex and nylon oxford with synthetic suede palm, fingers, and thumb.


  • Carhatt Mens Stoker Glove