Gordini 4MHT240 Men's Waterproof Flc Cuff



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Details: Gordini has been keeping hands warm since 1956. They have been striving to create products to keep your body’s heat production and heat loss in perfect balance. Their technology is cutting edge and allows for breathability while maintaining the warmth needed to withstand whatever elements winter throws your way. They have different lines for all different weather conditions and activities. Their team of winter sports enthusiasts based in Vermont and Canada will settle for nothing less than perfection when it comes to creating quality and functional products that combine proven natural materials with the latest in synthetic technology.


  • GORE-TEX technology keeps water out of our gloves, while allowing moisture from the inside (perspiration) to easily escape.
  • Lavawool is engineered by Gordini to combine the warmth of wool with the comfort and wicking superiority of fleece.