Youngstown 03-3200-78 Glove Anti-Vibe XT Performance Glove

Youngstown Glove


Details: Product Description Youngstown's Anti-Vibe XT is a specialty product designed to reduced the long term effects caused by jobs involving repititve motions and vibrations. The glove featuers 5.0mm EVA Foam on the palm and thumb to dampen vibration. The glove also have a very unique 360 degree wrist wrap. This wrap encircles the worker's wrist and releives tension throughout the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder. The glove is built to be very durable and to withstand a good beating. It is very popular with those who operate outdoor power equipment like chainsaws and trimmers. It also a favorite of those operating jack hammers and pneumatic tools. Take care of your hands before it is too late. Available in sizes Small thru XX-Large. From the Manufacturer Youngstown's Anti-Vibe XT features strategic padding in the palm and 360 degree wrist wrap to reduce vibration and arm fatique. Ideal for use with a variety of traditional construction tools such as nailers as well as outdoor power equipment such as hedge trimmers and weed wackers. The heavy duty non-slip reinforcement ensures lasting durability and grip. The top of hand features double knuckle protection and a terry cloth brow wipe on the thumb for comfortably wiping away sweat and debris. Invest in your hands and arms by using the Anit-Vibe XT when working with pnuematic or vibrating tools - your hands will thank you! Youngstown uses 3.0mm Memory Foam which is lighter in weight and does not get displaced like gels do. Use these gloves to protect yourself against long term carpel tunnel problems. If you already have exisitng wrist issues it is important to not over-tighten the 360 degree wrist wrap. It shoudl be loose enough to easily slide a finger under it. There are great long term health benefits to using this product if your job requires constant vibration or repetitive motions. Available in Sizes S - XXL.