Youngstown Glove Military Work Glove - Waterproof Winter

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Details: An all-black stealth version of Youngstown's top selling Waterproof Winter Plus, the Military Work Glove Waterproof Winter (MWG Waterproof Winter) is designed for the rigorous non-combat tasks that soldiers must perform on a daily basis in cold, wet wintery conditions. It's an excellent, non-flashy, all-purpose and abrasion-resistant winterized performance work glove. This version comes in large, and it's also available in small, medium, X-large, and XX-large.This glove is 100 percent waterproof and windproof and features an insulating micro-fleece liner for added warmth. Extensive Clarino non-slip reinforcement is used throughout the palm, fingers, and thumb to increase grip in wet conditions while ensuring extreme durability. And Youngstown's unique triple layer design ensures your hands will stay dry throughout the life of the glove. Machine washable for easy care. MWG Waterproof Winter gloves in black (view larger). Waterproof TechnologyYoungstown's waterproof technology separates this glove from other winter gloves. Numerous winter gloves in the market are simply "lined" but do not offer a moisture barrier membrane. Lined gloves are fine in dry conditions, but once precipitation is present, lined gloves lose their effectiveness--once your hand is wet it gets cold much sooner. The MWG Waterproof Winter gloves feature a membrane that's waterproof, windproof, and breathable. This specialized membrane blocks the water from reaching your hand, keeping your hands warm and dry. At the same time, the membrane allows for your sweat to escape to help regulate comfort and temperature inside the glove. Dual FunctionalityYoungstown's focus has always been in the performance work glove realm, and its gloves are built to be as durable as possible while still maintaining dexterity and comfort. However, customers find unexpected uses for Youngstown gloves, such as biking, rock climbing, scuba diving, obstacle courses, horse riding, and more. This dual functionality of work and sport is extremely prevalent in Youngstown's winter models, with hunting, ice fishing, skiing, and snowboarding just some of the winter activities that this glove has found its way to. A Note On WarmthTemperature is subjective from person to person, and Youngstown have had users comment that their gloves didn't keep their hands warm and others say the glove was too hot. Youngstown designs its gloves to be as dexterous as possible while still providing warmth and waterproof technology, so different hands will have different reactions. Additionally, your level of body movement can also determine your comfort level. If you are working and moving your core temperate will stay higher and as a result your hands will too. However, if you are sitting in freezing temperatures watching a ball game or not moving, your hands are more likely to get cold. Should you need protection in extremely cold temperatures, Youngstown recommends its Waterproof Winter XT and the 200 gram Thinsulate. However, if you are in cold, wet temperatures and doing work that requires dexterity and durability you will really appreciate these MWG Waterproof Winter gloves. Sizing Your GloveUse a cloth tape measure on the hand you use the most, and measure from crook between your thumb and index finger straight across to the base of the pinky and then all the way around back to where you started. Based on the circumference of your palm (excluding the thumb), here's a general guideline to sizing:Small: 8.0 to 8.5 inchesMedium: 8.5 to 9.0 inchesLarge: 9.0 to 9.5 inchesExtra Large: 9.5 to 10.0 inchesDouble Extra Large: 10.0 to 10.5 inchesUnconditional GuaranteeEach customer has a different belief for the life expectancy of their gloves. Furthermore, it is not uncommon that the glove you have selected is not a match to the job you are performing. Because of this, Youngstown Glove offers its unconditional guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your gloves, Youngstown Glove will replace t


  • An all-black, all-purpose winter work glove designed to keep your hands warm, dry and protected in cold, wintery conditions.
  • Features 40g 3M Thinsulate, soft micro-fleece liner and a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane.
  • The form-fit outer glove features Clarino non-slip reinforcement on the palm, fingers and saddle for excellent grip in wet conditions and increased durability.
  • Warmth varies from person to person. This is a work glove and intended for use when a person is active and has a rising core temperature.
  • This glove is not intended for use in heavy rains like a rain jacket is. It is intended for work in temperatures ranging from 45 to 0 F and can deal with snow and ice and keep your hands dry.